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121222 About Us

Who are we

About us

Feasibility began as a result of a proactive view and awareness of the role of project owners, investors and entrepreneurs in facilitating smart decision-making, as a result of economic feasibility studies, which are the basis for the start and growth of projects and entrepreneurial companies, the return of their risks and the development of the Arab economy, and the obstacles and disadvantages of their success. and region.

Through this, Al Jadwa aspires to change the future of investment in the Kingdom, with the support of its investing clients, entrepreneurs and its ambitious national team.

The company’s business model is based on what is known as economic feasibility studies, which allows companies and individuals to obtain technical, market and financial readings for the proposed projects or consultancy for projects. High net worth investors in return for the high costs of studies and consultations by developing a systematic electronic system in the name of Jadwa Tech and  Consultation Tech

Our vision

The Saudi Company, providing studies, economic consultancy and business development

Our mission

Providing value-added consultancy services and studies to our clients. To achieve a fruitful partnership that contributes to the building and prosperity of the Saudi economy.

Our vales

Credibility and transparency
creativity and innovation
Efficiency and specialist
Quality and workmanship
Team spirit
Active partnership
Social Responsibility

Our goals

  • Providing advisory services, economic studies and analytical readings that help existing and emerging pioneering companies to reach the smart investment decision in several ways suitable for all financial solvency of the various sectors.

    Assisting and facilitating investment decision-making for business owners, ideas and investors by enabling investors and entrepreneurs to engage in business and investment to contribute to empowering and developing the economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.

     Harnessing technology and benefiting from it by providing a package of digital services that enable beneficiaries to access them from inside and outside the Kingdom, in both Arabic and English.

Our legal

Feasibility platform is a technical platform affiliated to the feasibility of commercial projects and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce with commercial registration number 4650217153