Types of companies .. It is very important to know

6 March، 2020 Waleed A No Comments

Types of companies .. It is very important to know

It is very important for every investor and entrepreneur to know the types of companies according to the type of business operations, and this will be clarified during this article:

Service companies:

Service companies offer intangible or intangible products, such as: professional skills, experiences, consulting, or other similar services. Examples of service companies include banks, schools, accounting firms, law firms, beauty salons, and others

Commercial companies:

Commercial companies rely on buying products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail prices, and profit is achieved by selling products at prices higher than the costs of buying them, as they sell the product as is without any change in its shape, such as: stores, distributors, and groceries.

Industrial companies:

These companies contribute to the manufacture of new products, in which raw materials are used in the manufacturing process, and the main components of this type of company are: raw materials, workers, the production plant, and machinery. The manufactured products are sold to customers and distributors.

Mixed companies:

They are companies that can be classified in more than one of the previous types of companies. For example, restaurants are considered mixed companies, where food and ready-made meals are manufactured such as manufacturing companies, and cold drinks are sold as commercial companies, and attention is paid to maintaining the level of Good for customer service and gaining customer satisfaction like service companies