Characteristics of feasibility studies

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Characteristics Feasibility Studies
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Characteristics of feasibility studies

We can determine some specifications that we can rely on in determining whether the feasibility study presented is good, as it should take into account some important specifications in the following points:

First: It should be comprehensive of all information related directly or indirectly to the investment idea so that it gives a holistic view of the owner of the project or the investor and enables them to take the appropriate decision in accordance with the criteria and the most important aspects of feasibility studies (economic – accounting – technical – marketing – social – environmental Legal) and also take into account the nature of the project in determining the most important aspects of it.

Second: That the feasibility studies rely on data and information from reliable and scientific sources so that the degree of accuracy of the data is very high, regardless of its multiple sources, such as field, office or historical sources, or based on expert observations.

Third: Feasibility studies must take into account the spatial, social and temporal conditions of the project as it is projects that are appropriate for a particular country and succeed that may fail if implemented in another country because the spatial and social factors are different and may not be compatible with the values ​​and beliefs of the new society.

Fourth: The feasibility study should be prepared in the form of a plan so that the project owner and the implementation team can rely on it during the course of the project.