Consultation Tech

Consultation Tech

Entrepreneurs face difficulties in their entrepreneurial journey, and one of these difficulties is not knowing the right person to help them make the most appropriate decision for their project, or because they ignore a point in the project, or simply because they believe that the time is not appropriate for this step.
Because of Jadwa’s constant endeavor to support entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey so that their projects become successful and sustainable; Al-Jadda launched the digital product Istashara Tech, which helps entrepreneurs in the decision-making process by bringing them together with highly experienced consultants in one platform. It is a platform that brings together entrepreneurs with an elite group of highly experienced and competent consultants in various fields, to benefit from their expertise remotely and at any time. place in the world

In 5 steps

Jadwa seeks to reduce the waiting experience in 5 simple steps to help you decide

Choose your specialty


Choose your specialty

Select advisor


Select advisor

Confirm your reservation


Confirm your reservation

You will receive an email containing the interview link


You will receive an email containing the interview link

Meet with the advisor


Meet with the advisor

In pursuit of this, Jadwa has offered 17 different specializations to cater to All the needs of an entrepreneur in various sectors

Borrowing and financing

Planning and strategy

Accounting and Finance


Operations and operation

the law


Quality and development

human Resources


Governance and compliance

Financial technology

Feasibility study


Supply chains

Sales and marketing

Commercial franchise

Why Consultation Tech?

  1. Multiple fields
  2. Ease of booking
  3. Customer Trust
  4. Ease of meeting
  5. Elite advisors
  6. Effective communication
  7. Competitive prices

Consult Tech

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