Feasibility studies

What are the feasibility studies?

They are scientific studies that are comprehensive, accurate and objective in all aspects of the project, by making sure that the project’s revenues are greater than its expenses or at least parallel to it during a specific time period, and measuring the percentage of profit.

Scientifically: The feasibility study is a scientific method for estimating the possibilities of an investment idea’s success before the actual implementation, in light of the project’s ability or investment idea to achieve specific goals for the investor. Therefore, the feasibility study is the management of the project’s avoidance process of risks and losses, as before preparing the feasibility study there is no decision My investment

Why is feasibility studies important for your project?

It gives the investor a feeling of safety in investing in your project.

A feasibility study helps you make the best use of your resources

It has become a prerequisite for obtaining financing from government agencies and banks to finance projects

Avoid the risk of financial crises in your project during the incorporation period

A feasibility study helps you to optimize the distribution of owned and borrowed capital over assets

A feasibility study helps you determine the necessary operational costs for the project

Feasibility study avoids you operational risks and explains the proposed alternatives

You answer the important question: Do we continue to implement the project idea or not?