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Investing in startups or small or medium-sized companies is an opportunity for individual investors. In this article, we learn about the reasons that drive you to move towards investing in startups, small or medium companies.

The engine and goal that drives you to invest in general is to achieve the highest possible return and profit on capital, while reducing the risk ratio by diversifying the investments. Diversification of investments, which is preferred by most investors, is intended to distribute investment of funds in different destinations, such as investing in the stock market, real estate, gold and some companies in different fields at the same time, and not to risk putting all money in one place; this is what contributes strongly to achieving investment in emerging companies Small or medium, as we will briefly explain in the following points:

The startup companies, small or medium, provide the opportunity for individual investors to invest their money outside the usual fields such as the stock market, real estate and gold, which gives them the ability to diversify their investments and reach different sectors, which reduces the risk and reduces it.

Investing in startups gives the opportunity to invest in more than one company at one time, given the small size of the company and thus the small share of your investment in those companies.

Many investors prefer investing in family-owned companies (family companies), as it reduces the risk factor.

Investing in startups also represents an opportunity for investors to share their expertise and relationship, along with financing, which supports the company and contributes to its growth and development.

If you are seeking to achieve a return and profit on your money with less risk, then investing in startups, after evaluating their business and making sure of their profitability and growth opportunities, will achieve this for you, and it may even be that one of the companies that you invest in has achieved a boom and thus a qualitative shift in your life