Technical Sales Development Strategies

Technical sales development strategies

It may not be clear to the reader the difficulty of controlling the acceleration of the development of modern technologies used in our current life (whether they are services or technical products) and these changes have a direct impact on sales representatives and marketing managers working in this field through: the difficulty of knowing the […]

Feasibility Study Important Business

Why feasibility study is important for your business

  We hear a lot about the term feasibility study and how important it is in determining our decisions towards a project either by continuing or retreating or finding opportunities and other alternatives for the investment opportunity, and the feasibility study items from one project to another may be similar but may differ in the […]

Characteristics Feasibility Studies

Characteristics of feasibility studies

We can determine some specifications that we can rely on in determining whether the feasibility study presented is good, as it should take into account some important specifications in the following points: First: It should be comprehensive of all information related directly or indirectly to the investment idea so that it gives a holistic view […]

feasibility study 2 The parties involved in preparing the feasibility study

The parties involved in preparing the feasibility study

The preparation of the feasibility study requires specialists who possess reliable tools and information and practical experience in preparing the study with various experiences appropriate to the nature of the departments required in the feasibility study such as: preparing the market and marketing study, an accountant expert, financial expert, economist, and engineering and production expert […]

market study دراسة السوق 1 Market Feasibility Study

Market Feasibility Study

Market study is an essential part of the detailed feasibility study as it helps the project owner in knowing the volume of demand for project products or services as the market study aims to study a set of criteria that give the project owner sufficient information and knowledge about the project status and its position […]

feasibility study Technical Feasibility Study

Technical Feasibility Study

The importance of the technical feasibility study comes in determining the project’s features accurately and geometrically, the proposed project life and the appropriate location (for projects that require spatial space), construction costs for the project and operation and the resources needed to operate the project optimally The proposed project and the appropriate location (for projects […]

Why should you be looking for an investors for your business?

Why should you be looking for an investors for your business?

No matter how good your product is, your service excellence, your project idea, or your efforts to develop it, having more capital and getting the right investment will be important to your market continuity in light of the strong competition Even those pilot companies funded by millions participate in additional rounds to raise more investments […]